Everyone on our team is a rockstar, and they want to jam with you.

Chris Cast - Co-founder/Executive Creative Director

For over 20 years, with a fine art and computer science background, Chris has molded big ideas into award-winning campaigns. Massive brand names like Coke, Pfizer, Clairol, Microsoft, Nike, Budweizer have sought him out for his creative vision. He's an award-winning strategic, multidisciplinary designer & creative director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He soars through the worlds of interactive design, UX, social media, brand identity, brand management, SEO, social media strategy, graphic design, photography, video direction and content creation. When not behind the computer, he's in front of the camera, the canvas or traveling.

 Rico Salam - Digital Marketing Director

With a career stretching over 15 years, Rico has helped plan, build and     execute many successful brands and projects. With a background in the marketing, music and entertainment fields, he’s served in several capacities and wore many hats, including Chief Operating Officer, Director of Digital Marketing, record label A&R, Director of Communications, award show junior executive and project manager to name a few and has worked with and for numerous entertainment entities. Rico is a graduate of General Assembly’s Digital Marketing School.

With a passion for innovative technology, he’s an avid reader and seeker of the truth, fascinated with what makes things tick and keeps a vampire’s schedule. At those moments when he's not building an empire or contemplating the universe one inch at a time, you can find him enjoying friends and family, maximizing his opportunities and being thankful for everything.

CEO/ Co-founder Jordan K. Dresel

We accomplish this by creating brand environments and experiences that are engaging and memorable, which make lasting impression on your customers and encourage them to take action. I invite you to review our portfolio to see how we’ve accomplished this with the people who matter most, our clients. Determined self-starter, motivated visionary, driven creative influencer & investor in people;

Jordan has fostered and developed successful  start up businesses ranging from marketing, entertainment, & hospitality to medical and food & beverage. He has enterprise level relationships and experience in international trade, manufacturing, & marketing/branding.  He also has experience carrying out projects from the EU to domestic American projects, both corporate and “mom & pop”.  He has worked tirelessly to help build a dedicated & talented Turbo Noodle team.  Away from work,Jordan enjoys a beautiful family & most sports (especially the “beautiful game”, Soccer)

COO/Co-Founder Lisette Moore-Dresel, JD

Expert negotiator, creative visionary, motivated self starter, dynamic leader. She's an accomplished business woman and has been instrumental starting and operating business in the beverage, medical, entertainment, hospitality, and marketing industries both domestically & internationally.  Her ability to bridge gaps & develop & organize relationships between multicultural divides is a monumental piece of the diverse approach that Turbo Noodle takes to every project. Lisaette loves family, music, reading & is always furthering her education and learning something new. 

William Thibodeau - Executive Vice President (West Coast Operations)

William has a history in Automotive Engineering as the former founder and CEO of Engineering and Service Personnel, Inc. A prior background in Self-Locking Threaded Fasteners and current knowledge in Alkaline Hydrolysis for disposition of Humans and Pets as opposed to Cremation or Traditional Burial. In addition he has developed real estate projects as a joint venture partner in projects that cost of construction exceeded 50 million dollars.  Currently William splits his time as an Independent Producer & Writer working on Motion Picture projects and Television. He is also the Owner of Chemicals, LLC, that supplies chemicals to the above aforementioned Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems.

Executive Chef Scott Varnedoe

With 24 years of professional culinary & kitchen management experience, specializing in fine dining and high end catering environments. Chef Varnedoe’s experience includes overseeing food production for hotels, restaurants and catering companies; menu and recipe development; supervision of all production staff; maintenance of food quality and sanitation; and the highest level of customer satisfaction. He is an expert in managing kitchen staff and preparing mass quantities of foods at reduced cost without compromising quality and taste. He is an energetic, culinary genius with a blend of creativity, passion for food and exceptional cooking skills who works well as a dynamic leader.  Chef Varnedoe has consulted & built vast resources & knowledge in the culinary, hospitality, & food Industries.  He has been honored to cook at the famous James Beard Foundation in. New York City 4 times.  He has won some of the biggest awards in the business & been featured in magazines such as Home & Gardens, Bon Apetit, & Food & Wine, & many more.  

We deal with food and beverage marketing and he is our GO TO Expert.